Walking for Dreams returns Sunday, May 20, 2018 and Family Promise of Greater Indianapolis will try to replicate its record-breaking success from the previous year

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Walking for Dreams--an annual friend-and-fund raiser for Family Promise of Greater Indianapolis--raised $39,008 on Sunday, May 21, 2017.  The amount almost doubled the goal and previous year's support, and Family Promise won the award for the most walkers present of the 20 nonprofit agencies that participated.

Now, we are regrouping so this year's event on Sunday, May 20, 2018 can be just as successful and make sure our growing AfterCare program receives the support it needs to be a support for families up to two years after they move out of shelter.

PHOTOS from 2017 (links to our organization's Facebook page)

The event is a leisurely family and pet walk of less than two miles along the Central Canal in downtown Indianapolis.  Check back here for details after our Annual Meeting on February 27 when we will post the times, registration sites, and other resources.

We thank the Sycamore Foundation for organizing the event, and Woodforest National Bank and CORT for sponsoring Family Promise's participation last year.

2017 Team Totals:

The first place congregational teams get their choice of van drivers or overnight hosts (provided by the board and staff of Family Promise) for their next hosting week.  What is a hosting week?  Find out here.

FIRST PLACE: FMC for Family Promise (First Mennonite) - 11 walkers - $5,078.56 

ALSO FIRST PLACE: IHC Walkers (Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation) - 2 walkers - $6,200*

  *Includes the $5K matching grant from D.M. Cook Fund, so we thought it fair to have dual winners!

Day Center Dreams (FPGI Staff) - 15 walkers - $5,295**

FPGI Board - 12 walkers - $4,455

  **The Board of Directors team won the "board vs. staff" competition because much of the staff team total above was not received by the May 21 deadline. The staff will graciously serve the board dinner at their July meeting, and are just thankful to still have their jobs after this competition. :)

Castleton Crew (Castleton UMC) - 8 walkers - $3,675

St. Peter's Dream Walkers (St. Peter's UCC) - 4 walkers - $2,429

Old Bethel Tenderfoots (Old Bethel UMC) - 20 walkers - $2,130

Fishers UMC (Fishers United Methodist) - 2 walkers - $1,700

Meridian Marchers (Meridian Street UMC) - 21 walkers - $1,660 - The team with the most walkers!

Team Woodforest (Woodforest Bank) - 12 walkers - $1,500

Westview Christian - 2 walkers - $850.84

ZUMC (Zionsville UMC) - 1 walker - $580.01

Cross and Crown (Cross and Crown Lutheran) - 5 walkers - $500

Team CORT - $500

Hearts & Paws - 9 walkers - $490

Walking for Homes (St. Michael's Episcopal) - 2 walkers - $475

Haughville SDA (Haughville Seventh Day Adventist) - 13 walkers - $345

Northminster Striders (Northminster Presbyterian) - 2 walkers - $340

All Souls Walkers (All Souls Unitarian) - 6 walkers - $290

Southport UMC - 6 walkers - $200

Faith Presbyterian - $200

Zippy ZPCers (Zionsville Presbyterian) - 5 walkers - $115

House for Change - A great way to get kids involved with the Walk

 We offer Houses for Change boxes to any congregation, corporation, or family requesting them in coordination with our Walking for Dreams event.  But Houses for Change can also be utilized year round for any youth or children's group that wants to creatively support our mission.  These unique craft boxes can be decorated and used to collect donations.  Then bring your kids, youth group, Girl/Boy Scout troop, and more to the Family Promise Day Center for a tour and presentation about the need in the community and the impact the support will have. Contact Mike at 317-261-1562 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request the free undecorated boxes.


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