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Would you sign up today to be one of the first one hundred Housewarmers?

Housewarmers are monthly donors whose support funds our AfterCare program.

Thanks to AfterCare, 88% of families retain housing two years after leaving the shelter.

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What is a Housewarmer?

A Housewarmer is a monthly donor of any amount to Family Promise.

 Why should I be a Housewarmer?

The support of this group funds the AfterCare program of Family Promise.  For years, AfterCare has relied on weather-dependent events, hit-or-miss grants, and last-minute appeals for funding.  This monthly donor group stabilizes that AfterCare support, so the program and staff can be more confident in their support of newly housed families for years to come.

So it funds AfterCare.  Is that an effective program?

According to last year’s outcomes report for family shelters produced by the Coalition for Homelessness Intervention and Prevention (CHIP), Family Promise’s AfterCare program had the highest housing retention rate of any shelter in Indianapolis (88% at two years!).

Are there any incentives for giving as a monthly donor?

Obviously, the incentive for us is we’ll know how to budget for AfterCare year to year.  For you, your name will be listed as a Housewarmer in the annual report and online.  You’ll also get success stories sent to you about families in AfterCare that you helped and program metrics for accountability.

How do I sign up?

Simply go here to our external Click & Pledge site, fill in the form.

Is it f47436959971 ef7f8c717b zorever?

The monthly donations go on for as long as you want them to.  You can cancel it at any time just by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Is it secure?

We use the Click & Pledge site for credit card/bank card transactions, so we don’t keep your card info.  Click & Pledge is certified Level 1 by the Payment Card Industry Data Standard (PCI DSS).  That’s the highest security standard in the payment industry.

Will I get a receipt for income tax purposes?

You will get an immediate email confirmation of your sign-up.  You will get a handwritten acknowledgement as an immediate thank you.  Then in January, you will get a letter mailed to you recognizing the sum of all your monthly gifts as a Housewarmer for the previous year.

Will you be good stewards of my support?

Transparently, yes.  We serve twice as many families per dollar invested because of the generous in-kind support of 60 congregations and 1,500 volunteers.  Don't believe us?  Read our annual reports and tax returns here for the last three years.


Email Mike Chapuran (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


Thank you for considering signing up today to be one of the first one hundred Housewarmers!

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